Joe Vitulli is an Electrical Engineer with BS and MS degrees, who began his career by designing test instrumentation, industrial machinery, and medical devices. These designs covered both analog and digital circuitry as well as software development. His NDT experience includes designing Eddy Current (rotary and coil based) and Magnetic Flux Leakage Systems (rotary and stationary).

As the solutions became more complex, he recognized that most technical documentation was dry – causing the reader to quickly lose interest, but by utilizing technology, information can be presented in a manner conducive to learning.  Using this approach, he has developed training courses for various products and courses.

As CEO of Magnetic Analysis Corporation, a world-class provider of NDT equipment and systems, Joe met with tubing and pipe manufacturers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He  believes that “The design is not finished until the customer has a product that is installed, operating correctly, and earning money.”

Building on his experience in Operations, Manufacturing, and Engineering, Joe identifies the root cause of problems and partners with business owners to develop strategies that develop personnel, optimize processes, and improve products. Understanding the needs of his clients is critical to creating successful solutions.

What We Stand For


The recipe for success:

Design Products that satisfy needs – know the market and your clients.

Deliver Products that are appealing and reliable – they will create your brand.

Create Processes to maintain consistency – your customers will recognize and appreciate it.

Continually Improve your Processes – stay ahead of the competition!

Hire the right Personnel – they will carry you forward today.

Train, coach and mentor your Personnel – they will be the future.

Look and Listen to Learn. Lead by example.

Others will follow and help.

Build strong teams and they will share the load.


Executive Confidantes partners with companies that desire to change.

To successfully grow your business requires establishing a Business Plan which includes a Strategy with KPIs and Metrics. Most of us are so busy dealing with the day to day operation of our businesses that these critical elements are often postponed. Before long, we realize that the benefits we would have received by implementing the plan are sorely missed. Executive Confidantes (EC) was created to fill the gap, helping businesses achieve their goals.

EC becomes your Accountability Partner.