Jonas Littman – Vistage CEO Advisory Chair

“Joe is a clear communicator about both the goals of the enterprise as well as the deliverables he expects from his management team and employees. He is a detailed oriented thinker who is open to the ideas of others and incorporating new or unexpected data into a decision. And at the same time he is unafraid of making those decisions and holding himself accountable for the outcome. Most importantly, Joe is someone with a strong moral compass whom I would trust to do both the best thing and the right thing in any situation.”

Cober, Inc.

Matthew Krieger – VP Technology

“I sought Joe’s opinion on some business issues my company faced and found his feedback very insightful.  Not only did Joe have a great understanding of manufacturing company operations but he got the soft side as well; he brought empathy and sensitivity – the super-important human factor – into the discussion. Joe helped me reframe my thought process to ask different questions and look at things from a different perspective.”

Holiday Image LLC

Alpha Diallo – Project Engineer

“No matter how stormy a workplace gets, Joe always finds it in himself to remain calm. He is actively looking to improve SOPs. Until Joe got involved, every quotation and cost estimate was unique, without any common terminology. He created linked spreadsheets that allowed us to draw verbiage and pricing from a common database, reducing the time to quote and standardizing product descriptions. His depth of knowledge made it all possible.”

Doug Donofrio – Sr. Account Manager

“Joe brought a sense of calm to every situation. He identified and addressed our largest concerns – employee retention and time to quote. During his time with us, the sense of teamwork and achievement of common goals was never more apparent. The combination of his technical and interpersonal skills is really unique and he is certainly an individual that you want to work with and excel for!”

Raw Rev

Alice Benedetto – Founder

“Joe is an amazing listener, gathering information before drawing conclusions and offering solutions. It is not surprising how successful he is at resolving issues.”

The Lockwood Group

Matthew Schecter – President/CEO

“Identifying the root cause of a problem is one of Joe’s strengths. He peels back the layers, revealing the real issue that needs to be addressed.”

Magnetic Analysis Corporation

Harold Johnson Ph.D. – VP Engineering

“A key component of his communication skills is Joe’s ability to listen and accept ideas from others, thus allowing full utilization of our diversity. He is both a strategic and detail-oriented thinker, whose analytical problem-solving ability greatly aided many brainstorming sessions and decision-making processes.”

Said Ghostine – Operations Manager

“Joseph is a highly organized developer, goal-oriented, innovative, and hard-working perfectionist always ready to put all his energy to get the job done. Joseph is probably one of the best strategists I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest professionals I have ever worked for.”

Michael Livia – Engineering Manager

“Joe is a calculated risk-taker. He has an uncanny way of determining what future design needs are required to stay ahead of his competitors. As a leader and a practical person, he can grasp ideas and still pays attention to minor details.”