Discovering The Blind Spots

Often times, businesses become comfortable in their routine, overlooking that their lack of growth may be due to their stagnant processes. Executive Confidantes has extensive experience in discovering the blind spots in Operations and Manufacturing.

Some highlights of our successes include:

*  Re-engineered production scheduling process, increasing quotation accuracy six-fold, and reducing product delivery time for standard products from eight weeks to four weeks.
*  100% increase in manufacturing capacity, with no increase in headcount, while improving customer satisfaction 12X.
*  Created strategic partnerships with third-party manufacturers to reduce costs, expand product offerings, and enable access to new markets.
*  100% reduction in overtime by creating a formal scheduling process for production.
*  Completed integration/acquisition of Swedish company into the corporate portfolio as a subsidiary, allowing the manufacture of CE compliant products into the European Union driving 74% YOY growth.
*  Selected and installed ERP system, increasing gross margins 11%.